Past Workshops

See the World Upside Down with Andrii

Saturday September 7 2019 10:15-12:45

Saturday, September 7 from 10:15-12:45
Beginners- Intermediate
We will work on flexibility, handstand techniques, alignment and how to balance with free handstand.

Sunday, September 8 from 10:15 -12:45
Intermediate – Advanced
We will work with endurance, one arm handstands, contortion shapes & conditioning exercises.

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Learn How to Meditate

October 23, 2018

Integrative Acupuncture And Delray Yoga Shala
Are Happy To Present…
A Series Of 3 Meditation Classes

Oct. 23 & 30 & Nov.13

Led by Anna Crane, Trained Meditation Guide in the Shambhala Buddhist Tradition

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David Miliotis

October 20, 2018

Saturday, October 20th :
8—10 AM – Guided Primary Series ($30.00)

Sunday, October 21st :
8—10 AM – Mysore Practice ($30.00)

David has been teaching yoga since 1990, including 13 years of continuous Mysore Style Ashtanga instruction. He also teaches Sanskrit chanting and philosophy, and is the author of “Sanskrit and Chanting: a workbook for yoga practitioners.” David has great respect for the depth of yoga and a commitment to the three tenants of yoga practice (practice, study, and devotional non-attachment). The knowledge he has gained from decades of devoted practice and study, complimented by an under-standing of the structure and energetics of the human form gained from studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, shine forth in David’s teaching in a way that is both fresh and authentic.

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Hand-Balancing Workshop with Andrii Bondarenko

April 22, 2018

These workshops will cater for beginners to those more advanced in the art of hand-balancing alike.

Designed for those wanting to discover the techniques & training methods that Andrii has used as a world-class acrobat & performer to develop his exceptional abilities. Andrii will take you step by step through the most basic to the most impressive feats of strength & mobility while inverted.

Sunday, April 22nd @ 11-1pm
The cost is $75
Andrii Bondarenko

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Tim Feldmann

March 18-25, 2018

Sunday, March 18th
8-10am: Mysore, Q + A
12-2pm: Inversions, Headstands & Arm Balances


Sunday, March 25th
8-10am: Mysore, Q + A
12-2pm: Sthira Sukham & Backbending

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Stan Woodman

January 26 -28, 2018

Weekend of January 26th -28th, 2018

Friday – Traditional Led Primary Series 6-8 pm $30

Saturday – Mysore Practice 7-9 am $30

Sunday – Mysore Practice 8-10 am $30

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The way to Supta Kurmasana

October 29, 2017

In this workshop we will explore in detail the asanas in the primary series that lead to the deepest forward fold where both legs are behind the head. We will learn how to work the external rotation of the hip in a safe an still enjoyable way.

Sunday, October 29th
Mysore is at 8-10: $20
The way to Supta Kurmasana 11:30 -2:30: $40

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Mysore and Intro to Second Series Workshop with Emilia Arenas

September 17, 2017

Sunday, Sept 17th, 2017
Mysore 8-10am
Intro to Second Series 12pm-3

In this workshop we will explore the first part of the second series where backbends are the main work. This workshop is intended to students who are already practicing the second series but want to deepen their understanding of these asanas and also for students who are in the transition from primary to second series and are curios about the asanas that will be working on soon.

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The Art of Float

April 22, 2017

  • learn the difference between springing back, jumping back and floating back
  • learn how to gracefully touch down like a delicate daisy, as opposed to crashing down
  • learn how to float forward gracefully with near effortless ease
  • learn how to lift out of your poses

Where: Delray Yoga Shala
10 NE 2nd Street, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Save the Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017, 11am – 2pm

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Health, Wellness and Longevity

March 25, 2017

You are invited to attend an insightful Sangha – ‘Health, wellness and longevity’

You are what you eat!

  • learn how your body works, what is beneficial to your body and mind, and what is not **
  • understand why we may believe and act in certain ways, particularly in light of our diet, which
    may be counter to our well being, and how to overcome such tendencies**
  • learn how and why to successfully clean up your diet, and if desired become a healthy vegetarian **

11am – 3pm: Saturday, March 25, 2017,

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Back Bending for Stiffies as Well as Slinky Dinkies

February 25, 2017

You are invited to attend an insightful Ashtanga Yoga Sangha* –
‘Back bending for stiffies as well as slinky dinkies’

This insightful Ashtanga Yoga Sangha will be taught by Delray Yoga Shala resident teachers Amy Cheung together with Andrew Petker, both of which are K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute authorized teachers, each being a long time Ashtanga Yoga practitioner.

Saturday, February 25, 2017, 8am – 1pm

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Kinesthetic Awareness in Yoga

Kinesthetic Awareness in Yoga

Sunday Oct 4th, 2015 12 - 2pm

Kinesthetic Awareness in Yoga Sunday Oct 4th 12 – 2pm $40 Delray Yoga Shala Kinesiology is the study of movement. Do you ever feel like your body is fighting you as you try to get that marichyasana bind? Or do you sometimes feel like you just can’t figure out how to work deeper into supta kurmasana – where to release and where to engage? The body is fascinating! As yoga practitioners, the more we understand about the structure and biomechanics of the body, the more safely and effectively we can approach the challenges of asana. How is the skeleton put together and how do the joints and muscles work? In this workshop, learn the basics of body structures and their functionality and how to apply that knowledge to asana.

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Angelique Sandas Workshops

April 19th, May 3rd and May 17th, 12 - 2 pm

Sunday April 19th  – regular Mysore 8-11 am with releasing the Wings workshop 12-2pm $45/$35*
Sunday May 3rd guided full primary 9-11 am with joy of back bending workshop 12-2pm $45/$35*
Sunday May 17th guided full primary 9-11 am with gentle ashtanga workshop 12-2 pm $45/$35*

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Workshop with Day Christensen

February 6- 8, 2015

Daylene Christensen began her yoga practice in 2004 after receiving her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. During her college years as a fine artist, a lifelong interest in yogic philosophy began to surface. She incorporated the study of yoga with her academic pursuits. Though the reading of sacred and historical texts proved to be interesting, it was lacking one major aspect: experience. With many signs pointing her in the direction of yoga, she took up the practice and began to gain the experience she was missing from study alone.

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Workshop with Patrick Nolan

November 22, 2014 : 7:00am - 5pm

Patrick Nolan began practicing yoga in his hometown of Key West in 1997. He has practiced various styles, including Bikram, Sivananda, and Vinyasa but has found that the Ashtanga method as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois resonates with him most and has committed to that tradition. Along with R. Sharath Jois, Patrick’s teachers include Kino Macgregor, Tim Feldmann, Greg Nardi, and Angelique Sandas.

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Ashtanga Yoga is Yoga with David Miliotis

October 4, 2014: 2:00 pm - 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

David Miliotis is an Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher from Jois Yoga Encinitas. David will be guiding us through the primary series of the Ashtagna Yoga series. The afternoon workshop is desinged for students and teachers who are looking to deepen their understanding of backbending both physically and mentally. We will work through various postures of Ashtanga Yoga to explore how breathing, bandhas and alignment are one and the same.

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