Workshop Series with Angelique Sandas

Workshop #1: Asana Technique: An In Depth Look at Ashtanga Primary Series

Sunday, March 1st, 12 – 2 pm, Cost $45*

What differentiates Ashtanga Yoga from other methods? Here we look at the Ashtanga history and lineage, the integration of Patanjali’s eight limbs, and the systematic approach to asana that make this practice so profound and transformative. Let’s dig deeper into the Ashtanga Primary Series and develop a practice that is intentional, mindful, and purposeful. This workshop is great for the Ashtanga beginner up to more advanced students seeking greater understanding of the foundation of their practice. Join us!

Workshop #2: Ashtanga Yoga: A Breathing Practice

Sunday, March 15, 12-2pm, Cost $45*

Sri K Pattabhi Jois is known to have said that the Ashtanga Yoga method is primarily a breathing practice, the rest is just stretching. The breath is the link between the mind’s awareness and the sensations of the body. Let’s deepen our understanding of the power of the breath, examining how it affects our physical bodies, nervous system, and our experience in asana practice. With the breath synchronized to our movement and used to guide our awareness, our time on the mat can expand beyond the body into the subtle realms of a yoga practice. Register online.

Workshop #3: Ashtanga Yoga Mala – Asana as A String of Beads

Sunday, March 29, 12-2pm, Cost $45*

The Ashtanga Yoga Asana method is very systematic, intentional, and purposeful. The sequences are ordered in such a way as to progress the practitioner organically deeper into the experiences of the body, nervous system, mind, and spirit. As you develop in each posture you are being prepared for postures that come later. Like a string of Mala beads, with each asana represented by a bead, there is a thread that joins them all, leading one into the next. Let us explore the more challenging postures of Ashtanga yoga primary and intermediate series as a culmination of experiences you have already had in other poses. Come to class with a pose you would like to work on.

*If you attend Sunday morning Mysore with Angelique the cost of the workshop is only $35

Location: Delray Yoga Shala
Phone: 561.749.0082

Register Online, or call Delray Yoga Shala at 561.749.0082

Preregistration is required. Full payment is required to reserve your spot in a workshop. There will be a 20% administration fee on refunds for cancellations made 48 hours in advance. There are no refunds or credits granted for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the workshop start date.

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