Ashtanga Intensive by Ty Landrum

Ashtanga Intensive
Delray Yoga Shala
Nov. 6-8th

6 sessions
$40 per session or $200 for all

Friday, Nov. 6
Tasting the Poison

The Ashtanga method is said to be the antidote for the poison of our conditioning. When we begin to practice, this poison comes to the surface, troubling us with dark thoughts, emotions and memories. However disconcerting, it is crucial that we embrace these experiences. Tasting the poison, without swallowing or spitting out, is an essential step in the process of Hatha Yoga.

In this session, we will explore the techniques of breath and bandha that help us sustain these experiences with calmness and clarity. With these techniques, we can appreciate our poisonous experiences for what they are, and embrace them as opportunities for insight.

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Saturday, Nov. 7
The Standing Sequence

The Ashtanga Vinyasa method works with two opposing patterns, the expansive pattern of inhalation and the contractive pattern of exhalation. Postural alignment can be imagined as the continual rediscovery of balance between these two patterns.

In this session, we will explore this idea of alignment in the postures of the standing sequence. Suspending our preconceptions, we will experience the dialectical relationship between the inhale and exhale patterns in our own bodies. Through a sustained attempt to balance them, we will discover a new axis of alignment, bringing depth and vibrance to the postures themselves.

The Apanic Form
The Primary Series is designed to strengthen apana, the contractive force that dispels things from the body and dissolves the constructions of the mind. When this force is toned and balanced, we are better at letting things go. We are better at releasing the dark thoughts, memories and emotions that come up when we start to practice yoga.

In this session, we will look closely at the apanic form, in both mental and physical aspects, and we will practice embodying that form through some of the key postures of the Primary Series. This session will provide an illuminating perspective on those postures, and will allow us to practice them with better focus and appreciation.

2-4 pm
Riding the Currents
Ashtanga Vinyasa works with two opposing currents of breath,the upward current of prana and the downward current of apana. With assiduous practice, we can learn to ride these currents, gliding on them with elegance and grace. In this workshop, we will introduce the mudra that underlies this ability, and we will apply it to some of the more dynamic movement patterns of the Ashtanga system. This will include sun salutations, press ups, jump throughs, jump backs and more.

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Sunday, Nov. 8
Mysore-style Class
This class will be a traditional Mysore-style class. Students will lead themselves through an Ashtanga practice, while receiving individual assistance, instruction and support.

Tasting the Nectar
Pranayama is the art of listening, of giving space to the subtle currents of sensation that move throughout the body. As we give space to these currents, they break and swirl into beautiful and intricate patterns that reflect the natural unfolding of our minds. Through the sustained contemplation of these patterns, we can invite compassion, or complete openness to reality. This is the nectar of yoga.

This session will introduce the elements of pranayama as taught in the Ashtanga tradition. We will look at the proper use of bandha and mudra in this delicate and refined art, and we will use them to explore the internal movements of the breath, while cultivating calmness and clarity.

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