Angelique Sandas Workshops

Sunday April 19th  – regular Mysore 8-11 am with releasing the Wings workshop 12-2pm $45/$35*
Sunday May 3rd guided full primary 9-11 am with joy of back bending workshop 12-2pm $45/$35*
Sunday May 17th guided full primary 9-11 am with gentle ashtanga workshop 12-2 pm $45/$35*

Sunday April 19th 12 -2

Asana Technique: Releasing the Wings

Free up the shoulders for greater range and stability from the very first breath in an Ashtanga Yoga asana practice we bring movement to the shoulders. The shoulder area holds a great deal of emotional tension as well as strength patterns that can resist our efforts on our mats. Fighting with binds or backbends anyone? This workshop explores how attention given to proper alignment from that first breath forward can open new worlds of experience in our entire upper bodies allowing greater freedom of movement.

Sunday May 3rd 12-2

Asana Technique: The Joy of Back Bending – Stabilizing, Creating Space, Finding Freedom

Explore how to work into our deepest back bends safely and joyously.  Back bending does not need to be stressful or painful.  We will examine how the back bend is developed through the Ashtanga primary and intermediate series.  We will cultivate awareness of how foundation and bandhas can release tension and free up space along the vertebrae and work with the entire arc of the bend throughout the body to address those areas that tend to be closed and resistant.  Let back bending become one of your favorite experiences on the yoga mat.

Sunday May 17th 12-2

Practice:  Can Ashtanga be Gentle?

Ashtanga has a reputation for being very dynamic, challenging, athletic, and even masculine. But if you practice long enough you will find that the energy of the practice is derived from how the practitioner approached their yoga. However, there are times in life that a gentle practice is needed; injury, illness, pregnancy, etc. The great heads of the practice have always maintained that the practice is for everybody and that it can be tailored to the student. How can the committed Ashtanga practitioner adjust their practice for certain needs and still honor the tradition of their lineage? This workshop explores a gentle approach to this practice that makes it accessible to a wide range of students and needs.

*If you attend Sunday morning Mysore with Angelique the cost of the workshop is only $35

Location: Delray Yoga Shala
Phone: 561.749.0082

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